Testimonials from Professionals and Parents

Having seen such great results for so many children and their families, our desire is to make our holistic learning model and teaching strategies accessible for every person who needs it. We have partnered with numerous parents, teachers, doctors, and therapists to bring hope, confidence, and greater quality of life for every child involved.  The testimonials truly speak for themselves!

Three students give thumbs up to the holistic approach to education

I have personally seen how this can help children soar both academically and socially.  In using the COB model, teachers are strongly encouraged to take that extra step towards identifying and teaching towards students’ individual needs and strengths.  When using a traditional school model, I feel that teachers sometimes get stuck using one method or style of teaching, even though it does not appropriately support all of the students’ needs.

Jordann Feinberg

Teacher, STARS School

As a teacher, I was excited with this approach to teaching and saw the potential for my students. Under the COB model, teachers help students develop their learning strengths through individual and small group instruction. These strategies can be implemented into any curriculum and individually tailored to each students needs. One of the many benefits as a teacher under the COB model is that I knew that the parents, teachers and specialists were all working on the same goals.”

Melissa Stomp

Lead Teacher, STARS School

The alternative tools provided by the COB model have enabled my son to be successful in his learning. He is reading, comprehending and responding to lessons. The foundation of teachers/providers accepting my child as a brilliant learner was the beginning; the offer of hope. The scientifically backed strategies, which optimize the give and take necessary for learning in any educational environment, were the answer.

Eliz Holt Clarke

Mother of a child who has ASD

Leaving JoQueta Hayes Handy of Handy Wellness in Irvine with more hope and excitement than I’ve felt about autism treatments and therapies in a long, long time. Geared up and ready to see some huge new gains. It is so refreshing to encounter healers and doctors who are not only cutting edge, but also heart-based in their work. Thank you, Dr. Handy for being one of the good guys. The medical establishment is redeemed by your presence.

Leia Michelle Vitale

Mom and Co-Founder, The Thinking Moms' Revolution

Dr. Joqueta's learning strategy being applied with teen

As a learning center coordinator, I had the privilege of using the COB model with a variety of students over a period of a year and a half.  My students became more confident in their abilities because they saw they could do their work and be successful. I highly recommend the COB model because it meets the students where they are at, gives them the tools that they need, and teaches them strategies to use their learning strengths.

Joelle Zerlang

Elementary School Teacher and Director, VCLC

As a veteran practitioner participating in the Autism One/Focus for Health 2015 Conference, I was extremely impressed with the work of JoQueta Handy, who developed the COB Model that has much success with children with autism. These are things that practitioners can apply in clinical setting immediately and see good results.”

Dr. Shawn K. Centers

steopathic Center For Children

Strategies for learning help two boys to read

Dr. JoQueta Hayes Handy and her team have helped our sweet Wyatt excel more in three months than any other treatment, therapy or school. We are so proud of Wyatt. He looks so sweet, happy & handsome in the classroom.

Alixandra McCracken

mother to a child who has ASD

…You made such a big difference in my daughter’s life. I have been using the techniques that you taught me all these years and Nattalie will be graduating high school this year and heading off to college! This year is her first year out of all Special Ed classes and she is carrying a senior class load all by herself! Thank you for helping to give my daughter a future!”

Carin Latino


The significance of Children’s Opportunity for Brilliance centers on one individual, JoQueta Handy. From its inception, JoQueta has provided guidance, instruction and support at all levels. Her inexhaustible energy, creativity, and expertise were used to not only help create VCLC but to train our teachers, work with our on-site Specialist, and provide on-going, regularly scheduled training for our Parent Community through Parent Workshops. VCLC owes a debt of gratitude to the encouragement, support and guidance provided by JoQueta Handy.”

David Vegas

Village Christian Elementary School

…I also recently completed JoQueta’s online course called “Brilliant Learning Online”.  This course is packed with information on how children with challenges (both verbal and nonverbal!) can successfully learn.  She gives practical steps for math, reading, reading comprehension, spelling, sentence formation and diagramming, and much, much more.  I am currently beginning to implement many of her strategies with my boys and am so excited about what it will mean to their education and confidence.

Candy Penastore

Mom and Co-Founder, The Thinking Moms' Revolution

Ms. Handy’s approach to provide innovative curriculum, timed appropriately to their abilities, supported by teamwork between parents and educators will allow children in the spectrum enhanced learning and academic accomplishments. This pioneering work of Ms. Handy is encouraging. As the growing number of children within the spectrum increases, we must look to new developments and innovation to improve these children’s quality of learning and overall life.

Dr. Yi Jin

Chief Scientific Officer, Brain Treatment Center

The COB [Model] has been a program I found to produce results. Often programs place a Band-Aid on a child’s learning difficulties. But I’ve found this program to make complete changes. I was impressed with how the pressure points on a child can affect their learning. The program finds solutions for the child to succeed.

Barbie Enterline

Teacher Village Christian School

Multisensory learning is an effective tool for this boy

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