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Learning Strategies

for Preschool to College Students

Tested and proven to help children & students master any curriculum.

COB is a learning strategies model developed and refined over 22 years of working with children and students of all learning styles to master any curriculum from preschool to college. This holistic approach to education focuses on improving quality of life and maximizing the full potential of the learner.

"Using the COB method, children have shown a 70% improvement
in learning after just 16 hours of application."

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In depth webinars on education, nutrition, and fitness


Innovative learning strategies developed by Dr. JoQueta

Daily Empowerments

Message of hope to inspire, motivate, and empower

Study Reviews

Research study and book reviews from Dr. J for your guidance

Practical Applications

Gain new perspectives, identify strengths and make healthy choices

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Get real time answers to your real time questions

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Connect with Dr. J and Team to address your personal issues

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Complete series on different subjects to help your child to succeed

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