9-Space Grid

Inspired by: 9-Space Grid

This lesson series will show you how to use the 9-Space Grid to help with everything from counting, addition, multiplication, time, money, and much more!

Nutrition Intro

Inspired by: Nutrition Introduction

Nutrition opens the door of opportunity for our brilliance to shine through. Learn how the foods we eat can affect memory, attention, stamina, and so much more as we embark on this journey.

Merchants of Doubt

Inspired by: Merchants of Doubt

Merchants of Doubt takes you through the methods of deception that have been used in the past by big tobacco, pharmaceutical, and oil industries to control and manipulate public opinion. Dr. J gives you the pattern, or the “playbook” that emerges from these examples and shows you how the same “plays” are being used today.



Inspired by: Empowerment Series

What do you have to be grateful for? Feeling and expressing gratitude for what we have has the power to transform our mindsets and our outcomes. Look for one more place in your life where you can be gracious today.


Inspired by: The Unexpected Shape of Love

Intentions are the Power to your Outcomes. Consciously setting an intention has the power to completely change your mindset and help you achieve your goals. Whether you are hoping to improve in your career, struggling to overcome a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, or just want to experience more purpose and drive in your day to day routine, setting an intention can be an amazing tool and practice.


Inspired by: Seat of the Soul

Reverence is at the root of what I do. Thanks to Gary Zukav, I managed to be reminded to focus on reverence in my life. As I am embarking on sharing my message in our new platform, Seat of the Soul proved to be presented in Divine Right Timing for me. You can rely on the earnest, and authentic arms of support set forth by Gary Zukav in this book to scoop you up and lead you to what’s really possible when you have a love for life. Join me for Dr j’s Takeaway where I break down and share some of the treasures from Seat of the Soul in 5 minutes!

Find Your Cave

Inspired by: Parent-Centric Part 6

Commit to yourself. Carve space daily for YOU, and stick to it! Create a habit of finding refuge, so you can learn and lead more clearly each day. Find your cave!

Become the Student

Inspired by: Parent-Centric Part 5

Find it hard to sit back and say nothing? Me too! I’m going to take you through one of the most pivotal experiences of my life, when I learned how to Become the Student. I’ll show you how to dive deep into the power of observing, and learn how to revel in the quiet of the moments, when we don’t complicate them with our own repeated patterns. Observing is empowering, for you, and your kids.

Sit Like a Stone

Inspired by: Parent-Centric Part 4

It’s really okay NOT to “do”! The world will not collapse if you pause… and tune in to where you are at the moment. It’s amazing how much you rejuvenate patience and thought processes if you just, undo for a few.


Inspired by: Parent-Centric Series Part 3

ME is a very important word. You can lead and love more clearly, when you turn your attention inward, and refraME your starting point. Learn how to savor moments for yourself, and see how receptive those around you become.

Where is your attention?

Inspired by: Parent-Centric Series Part 2

Solutions-based approach. Imagine if we could see the solution more clearly than the problem. Imagine if we did that in a bigger group, as a society? When we model this approach, our children see that solution outweighs the problem. Be part of the army of change!

Intention is Not a Chore

Inspired by: Parent-Centric Series Part 1

Setting an intention is effortless. The mere idea is enough to set your day into action… What if we THINK with our eyes and hearts more open? What will you see differently? Join me as I guide you through leading with fresh perspective.Check out my Parent Centric Series for a more in depth look at these lessons and strategies.