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With modules, interviews, webinars, and master classes that cover subjects such as empowerment, learning strategies, nutrition, brain chemistry, and more, the Brilliant Learning Online course was created to draw out the Brilliant Learner in you and your child or student. With an experiential understanding of the busyness of life as parents, teachers, doctors, and therapists, the course is broken down by subject and presented as short videos of between 90 seconds and 15 minutes each to be digested at your own pace, and according to your own personal needs and situation. Through this dynamic content and daily empowerment, Brilliant Learning is dedicated to providing an inclusive online community of support for you and your family, classroom, or clinic.

Holistic learning includes educational games
Holistic learning for these two boys increases social skills
BL learning strategy is applied to a boy's homeschool curriculum

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Online parenting classes improve kids' lives

Community and Empowerment

Community is one of the most important factors in ensuring that the people responsible for the child are able to remain physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. This is especially true of all parents, and often even more so for those parenting a child with special needs. Our goal is to help those of you who are feeling hopeless or stuck in your current situation to regain hope, confidence and feel powerful. Brilliant Learning’s daily empowerment clips are intended to keep you encouraged, hopeful, and “in the loop”. Member also get full access to Dr. Joqueta and her team of experts so that you don’t have to feel alone or isolated in your journey.

Learning Modules

Our library of in-depth video workshops, lessons, and articles are made up of content that covers topics ranging from learning disabilities and challenges, the COB learning strategy, and shifting mindset and perspective, to nutritional guidance and treating chronic disease states. The format of the course includes informational videos on specific issues, step-by-step practical application videos, and reviews on current resources such as third-party books and articles that may be relevant to you and your child, student, or patient. All content aims to improve quality of life for you, your child or student, and your family.

Child benefits from multi sensory learning
Holistic education results in happiness for this boy

The COB Learning Strategy

The Children’s Opportunity for Brilliance (COB) educational model focuses on each child’s natural learning style that is in line with how their brain works and processes information, with an emphasis on the child’s learning strengths. Acknowledging each child as an individual and realizing that each family has their own unique needs, the COB model taps into what motivates and engages each student to provide them with the feedback and interactions necessary to reinforce learning and build upon these foundations. Children participating in this method have seen a 70% improvement in learning after just sixteen hours of instruction.

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