Welcome Brilliant Learners

“Creating a new foundation for parenting and education”

Dr. Joqueta Handy

I’m excited to welcome you to our site; it’s been a long-time dream of mine to reach more parents and children, teachers and students, doctors and patients, therapists and clients with these resources! My mission is to draw out the value of the Brilliant Learner in each of you to help improve the quality of life for you, your children, families, students, patients, or clients.

Our philosophy is a holistic, multi sensory approach that involves nutrition, brain chemistry, learning strategies that are focused on learning strengths, and anything else that can affect a child’s potential.

Where to begin:

Through many years of practice, I’ve come to understand that everyone processes differently, and that a rigid A to Z course often doesn’t work well for the overwhelmed parent, busy teacher, or the doctor or therapist confined to appointment schedules. That’s why we created this site with various manageable components for you to explore in your own time. Let’s break this down and look at an overview of the menu items so you’ll be able to navigate and decide how you want to best use the information on the site to serve you and your family’s goals and needs.


Start your day with hope!  “Snackables” are daily micro-lessons to encourage you and get you thinking about specific ideas and concepts. They are mostly gleaned from the longer meatier lessons on this site. If the topic interests you, you can dig in deeper by exploring our lengthier videos.


Dr J’s Takeaways

These videos are independent clips based on books and research articles that are valuable and relevant for our community. They are focused on information that you will hopefully find inspirational and empowering.


Dr. Joqueta, expert in ASD and special education

5-Minute Lessons

These lessons teach some of the steps covered during my hands-on clinics, with a focus on practical application of the ideas discussed in our Series.  They center on helping you see your child’s potential, assess your child’s strengths, ask positive whys, and  celebrate the small victories.



These 10-15 minute videos are the meat of the site, probing in depth on topics that are key for our community.  If you are just beginning the journey as a member of our Brilliant Learning community, the ‘parent-centric’ series is a great place to start!


How to Navigate Tags

As you begin exploring the site, you will see that each video has one or more topic-related tags.  This is our sub-menu, and clicking on one of these will take you to a collection of videos on the site that also relate to that specific topic. So if you were inspired by the video you just watched and would like to pursue other videos that discuss similar issues, this sub-menu is another way to navigate the site based on themes.

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