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Strategies for learning help two boys to read

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Anywhere! Brilliant Learning online is designed so that you can grab the lessons and implement them today in your home, classroom, or clinic. If you are looking for a good place to develop an understanding of some of the terms and philosophy of Dr. J and the Brilliant Learning Team, The Parent-Centric Series is the best place to start. This master class will give you the tools to change your mindset so you can start recognizing the innate brilliance in yourself and your child.
  • Snackables are quick, 90 second previews of the content across the site. These free videos give you the basic takeaways from the full video lessons.
  • 5-Minute lessons feature unique learning techniques and strategies that can work with any child in any curriculum. These lessons can help with reading comprehension, math, sentence formulation, and more!
  • In Dr. J’s takeaways I give you the rundown of the key points of some of my favorite books and research articles.
  • This website is for everyone, but especially for parents, teachers and doctors looking for additional support.
  • This website offers ongoing resources and support. Oftentimes, a one hour session is not enough time to cover all the information a patient needs, whether that is in nutrition, education, or just general pointers and tips. This website is your direct access point for everything you need to know, in and out of the office.
  • This website is designed for busy parents, teachers and doctors. I have intentionally made all of the videos in a grab and go format so that you can get the information you need quickly and implement it immediately. I have also condensed all of my content into Snackables that are only 90 seconds so that you can get even more information in less time.
  • A subscription to BrillaintLearningOnline will grant you full access to our video library, with weekly content updates. Members will also gain access to webinars, exclusive roundtable Q&A’s with Dr. JoQueta, special offerings on the Brilliant Learning Online Store, and full access to Dr. JoQueta and her team.
  • Dr. J and her dedicated team are always here to answer your questions and provide support. If you have any question or need some extra guidance in your journey, feel free to send us a message through the form below or our contact page.

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We are always happy to answer your questions and comments.  Our intention is to make this a community where you can find answers and support.