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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

  • The goal of Biofeedback and Bioresonance are to positively impact chronic disease reductions with early recognition and intervention. Cleaning out the gut filtration system, endocrine, digestive and circulatory systems to boost the immune system to its normal, natural function is the only way to do this to stem the time of morbidity and mortality as well as health care budget overruns that are hunting every aspect of medicine.
  • Biofeedback/Bioresonance can be used by everyone.  It can be for the athlete who wants to improve their performance.  It can be for the woman going through menopause and needing hormone support.  It is for the child who is struggling in school with attention or learning disabilities.  It is for the insomniac.  It is for the person just seeking general wellness.  It is for the person with chronic allergies.  It is for the person who has no idea what is wrong but just doesn’t feel good.  It is for the person with a diagnosis of a chronic disease state such as cancer, autoimmune disease, or ASD. It works for the very young to the very old!

  • The frequency really depends on each individual case and the objective trying to be achieved.  For instance, the athlete that is training for an event may need it everyday to enhance muscle tone and support hormones.  Someone in a chronic disease state may also need support everyday in the short term to build their immune system back to a normal resonating state.  The average person working on detox and overall wellness usually needs a 10-session protocol every 72-90 hours.

  • To reduce the overall stress in their body caused by environmental toxins, GMOs, air pollutants, work, and life that causes the body’s immune system to be lowered and leads to disease states.

  • Bioresonance is a tool that aids our body to return to its highest resonating state.  Other tools such as supplementation, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, infrared sauna, healthy diet, and exercise are all examples of other tools that help support the process.

  • This website offers ongoing resources and support. Oftentimes, a single one-hour session is not enough time to cover all the information a patient needs, whether that is in nutrition, education, or just general pointers and tips. This website is your direct access point for everything you need to know, in and out of the office.
  • Taking care of our skin and maintaining muscle tone both take continued effort.  Keeping our body healthy is much the same process.  Like getting a monthly facial, follow up monthly sessions are very helpful.

  • The system works from a Quantum Physics perspective.  Quantum Physics says there is no time and space – everything is relative.  So just like a cellphone with no wires attached, the system can call “your phone number”.  It is also very much like prayer.  When two people set the same intention and commit to the intention, energy moves.  This is quantum physics.

  • Yes, when in person the biofeedback side of the system is used by hooking up electrodes and delivering a pulse to tissues.  The tissues respond, and the computer interprets that response. When working remotely the quantum physics part of the system is being used.  Both methods are highly effective.

  • This all depends on the area of focus.  For instance, the athlete will see increased speed and strength.  The insomniac will sleep.  The chronic sick child or adult will begin to show higher resistance, less inflammation, and better energy levels.  The area of targeted treatment will be the area of results.
  • Biofeedback and Bioresonance are considered to be alternative treatments, however some insurance companies will cover the costs for pain management.  The Mayo Clinic has published several articles on the advantages of Biofeedback/Bioresonance.  This research has helped biofeedback and bioresonance to be better recognized by mainstream medicine and insurance companies.

  • Bioresonance is a cumulative treatment.  However, more is not necessarily better.  Depending on the integration of the body’s tissues, doing too much in a shorter amount of time may be too much.  A good rule to follow is every 72 to 90 hours.

    No harm can be done by doing bioresonance.  A rectified number will appear to show tissue responses.

    When the tissues have reached their maximum for the treatment session, the system immediately informs the technician to stop.

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