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Revolutionary Teaching Strategies

For Parents, Teachers & Practitioners

Honoring and understanding the beauty in the way each child learns and processes information, this unique model focuses on your child’s learning strengths to bring out the Brilliant Learner in every child. The lessons are presented as short videos of 90 seconds to 15 minutes in length to adapt to your busy lifestyle, and include inspiration, encouragement, information, and practical steps that you can easily implement in your child’s learning environment.

Created by Dr. Joqueta Handy as an extension of her practice, Brilliant Learning Online’s aims to forge new pathways for each child to maximize their potential using a revolutionary approach (also adopted by other teaching communities).

Applicable to all students from pre-K to college, our heart and passion is to improve quality of life for children of all ages and walks by coming alongside you as their parents, teachers, doctors, or therapists as a valuable resource.

Our holistic approach is also an effective homeschooling tool, and includes optimizing diet, balancing brain chemistry, and implementing innovative educational strategies designed to maximize your child’s academic potential.

"Using our method, children have shown a 70% improvement in learning
after just 16 hours of application."

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Dr. Joqueta, expert in ASD and special education

Unique Approach

“My philosophy is, education is the last step” – Dr. Joqueta

  • It all begins with your mindset as the parent, teacher, or practitioners. Begin the process by checking and setting positive attitudes about your child in regard to their potential and what they can achieve and do.
  • Consider your child’s nutritional needs. Is your child’s attention issue related to a lack in specific nutrients? Is their diet overloaded with sugar? It's important to resolve these issues first to maximize the benefits of our learning strategies.
  • Take into consideration any actual medical diagnoses such as a seizure disorder, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Down syndrome, attention deficit disorder (ADD), or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  • Once these housekeeping items are complete, we help you to identify and assess your child’s learning strengths in order to build upon them.

Weston's Story

“Let me share with you the story about my master teacher….” – Dr. Joqueta

a miraculous story of a boy who was deemed un-teachable

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Brilliant Learning Online is really for everyone. In fact, the learning strategies that we teach in our community were originally developed by Dr. Joqueta for a K-12 college prep private school, then also applied with non-verbal autistic children at a different school several years later with great success. So, whether you are a parent, teacher, doctor, aunt, uncle, or grandparent, whether or not your child has any learning disabilities or challenges such as ASD, Down syndrome, ADD, or ADHD, and whether your child is homeschooled or attending a public or private school, our model can help you to improve the quality of life for your child, family, student, patient, or client.

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