Supplement Testimonies

These children come from an affluent area in CA. Their parents had already tried the top recommended bio-medical approaches. They each said the same thing, that they “saw changes, but nothing was permanent.” After using the synergistic supplements from Solutions4, however, every parent saw steady, consistent improvement in the gut of their child, which positively affected the brain.


Billy is 10 years old. He was nonverbal with apraxia and autism.

imageHe has been to some of the best docs in the autism world and had tried many of the mainstream biomedical treatments such as MRT, hyperbarics, prescription medications, chelation and antibiotic treatment.

After two weeks on the Solutions4 Autism protocol written by Dr. JoQueta Handy and developed by Dr. Wallace Nelson, Billy’s mom reported that he was having normal bowel movements.  After 2 months, he had significant, positive increase in his cognition and speech.

After 4 months, Billy lost two clothing sizes without losing a pound.  This change was because inflammation was causing swelling throughout his body.


Landon is 8 years old and has autism. He was verbal, but not speaking at age level.

Landon always sounded congested. Common foods that he would bring to therapy were Starbucks cake pops, a McDonald’s vanilla shake, chicken nuggets and french fries.

image(1)After two weeks on the protocol, his mom reported that Landon was self eliminating sugar from his diet.  When asked if he wanted cake pops, he responded with, “No thank you, grapes, please.”  His mom reported new choices in foods, his favorite being salmon. Mom also reported changes in cognition, with a significant reduction in fears.


image(2)This picture was taken at Disney World where Landon was taking his supplements before getting on a ride he never gone on before. His interest in trying new things didn’t happen before starting the protocol.  He would only ride the same rides at Disneyland.  He constantly sat in a fetal position.  Language greatly improved also.  He began talking about his day and events.


Luke is 11 years old with autism. He was high functioning and verbal, but still had issues.

The greatest change occurred in Luke’s cognition.  After two weeks, he was not afraid to go into the ocean.  This was the first time in 11 years.  He cried this time when he had to leave and played in the waves for four hours.  Before he was scared to even hear the waves and would beg his parents to leave.  He also showed changes in speech with a higher level of asking and answering questions about real events, not pretend events or events related to movies.