As an Integrative Medicine Doctor and Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist with 21 years of experience, I have a unique perspective on how to help children with learning challenges maximize their potential. I believe that children need to be supported with proper nutrition and supplements, when necessary, to promote good health and well being. Only through a healthy body and mind can a child truly flourish socially and academically.

300cc_FiberBlendTo better achieve this goal, I coordinated efforts with the Solutions4 supplement company to produce a line of products that marries my understanding of what compromised children may need with high quality non synthetic ingredients. Together, we have created a product line that I can confidently recommend to my clientele.

The results have been impressive!

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This supplement line is available exclusively through a doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Liquid Calcium


Probiotic Blend

Digestive Enzyme

Vitamin D3



Flax Seed Oil

Body Purifier

Tissue Cleanse

Appetite Appeaser

Intestinal Cleanser

Fiber Blend

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