Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Linda Nelson and Walter Nelson, Solutions4 formulators, answer your questions about the S4 Children’s Supplement Line:

1 What makes this combination of ingredients unique for treating gut issues found in children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)?


2 Do I have to use all the supplements in your brand when implementing a certain protocol?


3 Does a child’s diet have to follow the protocol exactly to be successful? What if the child is a picky eater?


4 With the fiber and intestinal supplements, will my child experience a detox effect such as loose stools or candida die-off?


5 Will these supplements cause any negative side effects or make my child feel uncomfortable?


6 What results can I expect if my child sticks to the protocol?


7 In order to maintain a healthy gut, would it be advisable to stay on the supplements (or at least some of them) for more than three months?


8 How can I get my child to take multiple supplements?


9 Some supplement instructions specify to take it during the morning or evening. What about the ones that don’t specify when?


10 If my child can’t swallow capsules, can I blend the supplements into a smoothie or add them to food?


11 Why are Solutions4 calcium supplements better than the ones I can get elsewhere?


12 Some Solutions4 products like the calcium contain soybean oil. How does this affect those who are avoiding soy?


13 The flax seed oil contains caramel color. Is it natural?


14 If there are no synthetics used, then why is “folic acid” instead of “folate” listed in the ingredients on label?

We do, indeed, use natural food folate in the products and not synthetic folic acid.  Until very recently there was an FDA labeling requirement that mandated all nutritional panel values be shown as “folic acid”  That has been relaxed and we can start listing as food folate.

15 Do you use any gluten or genetically modified ingredients?

We lab certify all of our products as free from gluten and free from GMO.

 16 How much EGCG is in the Antioxidant?

The Antioxidant contains a relatively small amount of EGCG as the green tea is not a predominant ingredient in the formula.  The EGCG amount is only .45mg (just less than 1/2 mg).

17 How much iodine is in the Appetite Appeaser, Thyroid/Adrenal and Cellulite Cleanse?

The amount of iodine varies slightly from batch to batch of these products as it is a variable nutrient in sea vegetables, but the average calculations put the amounts at roughly the following for each product: Appetite Appeaser 32.1 mcg; Thyroid 350 mcg; Cellulite Cleanse 30 mcg.

18 Where does the lecithin come from in the Multi-vitamin?

The lecithin in the Multivitamin is from sunflower oil and is non-GMO

19 Where does the ascorbic acid come from in the probiotic? Is it from non-GMO corn?

The vitamin C is from acerola.

20 What type of ginseng do you use?

I prefer siberian ginseng. It has lots of great benefits that aren’t equally provided by other types.

21 What type/what is the source of every vitamin listed, A through B12 in the multivitamin?

The vitamin A is a split source.  25% as preform vitamin A and 75% as provitamin beta carotene

Vitamin D3

Vitamin E DL Alpha

B1 thiamine

B2 riboflavin


B6 pyridoxine HCL

B12 cyanocobalamin (we use methylcobablamin in our sublingual B12, but swallowed orally there is no appreciable difference between the absorption and availability rates of methyl and cyano.  That is why the cyano is used here.)

22 How did the S4 Children’s Line come about?

Dr. JoQueta Handy coordinated efforts with Dr. Walter Nelson to produce a line of products that marries her understanding of what compromised children may need with high quality non synthetic ingredients. Together, they have created a product line that she can confidently recommend to her clientele.

23 How can I purchase these supplements?

This supplement line is available exclusively through a doctor. To order supplements, simply sign up for the membership of your choice and you’ll receive an email explaining how to get 10% off all of your Solutions4 products.

24 Do you have any customer testimonies?

Yes, you can view the testimonies here.

25 How can I find out about each supplement?

The supplement explanations and videos are conveniently located here.

26 How are Solutions4 supplements made?

Please enjoy this short video showing how Solutions4 supplements are made.

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