“Do you know your son can read?”

Kristi Munro, Mother of Billy, A child living with Autism

“Do you know your son can read?”

That was the question that my friend asked me after taking Billy to see JoQueta Handy.








“I have personally seen how [this] can help children soar both academically and socially.”

Jordann Feinberg - Teacher, STARS School

Over the last year I have had the opportunity to learn first hand from JoQueta Handy about her innovative COB model. What I appreciate most about the COB model is that it recognizes and embraces that fact that each child is an individual; therefore each child has differentiated needs.

In using the COB model, teachers are strongly encouraged to take that extra step towards identifying and teaching towards students’ individual needs and strengths. When using a traditional school model, I feel that teachers sometimes get stuck using one method or style of teaching, even though it does not appropriately support all of the students’ needs.

JoQueta Handy has introduced me to various exercises to support cognition, along with detailed information and activities related to brain development, processing, and sensory integration. I have personally seen how a COB model school (along with one-on-one individualized instruction) can help children soar both academically and socially. The COB model is not only a specialized philosophy of instruction that supports independent learning, but it is more importantly a new way of thinking about children, especially those with special needs. The COB model says that “each child is a brilliant learner,” I would agree with this!