saunaOur Kids Don’t Sweat

Parents, do your kids sweat?

The one way to naturally eliminate toxins from our body is to sweat.  Most children with Autism don’t move enough throughout the day to get their cardiovascular rate up high enough to open the lymph system to naturally detox the body.

We need our kids to sweat to eliminate heavy metals, bacteria, fungus, viruses and just to keep the lymph system open and active.

Dr. Anju Usman, at her presentation at Autism One (May 2015) on Tuff Nuts, reported that lack of sweating in our kids is an issue.  She said that using a sauna and treadmill is a great way to get kids sweating.

The COB learning protocol uses both of these tools to get the brain prepped and ready for learning. We start off each learning session with 10 minutes of infra-red sauna or 10 minutes of treadmill with oxygen.  Both of these tools are helpful in opening the lymph system and sweating out those toxins.  I use a treadmill with oxygen at the beginning of every learning session to promote the brain to be ready for learning by releasing a protein in the brain that drives cognition.  I also have the kids use an infra-red sauna once a week for 10 minutes to promote lymphatic detox.  One or both of these tools should be used weekly to promote healthy brains and healthy bodies.

Hope you’ll be out there sweating this summer!

-JoQueta Handy