Intestinal Cleanser

This formula is a superb combination of nine herbs that have an extremely beneficial effect on the entire intestinal tract.  It is also a bowel tonic and rebuilding formula.  Helps improve intestinal absorption of vital nutrients while decreasing the absorption of toxins.

150cc_IntestinalCleanserACTIVE INGREDIENTS:

CASCARA SAGRADA BARK – One of the safest tonic-laxative herbs known, and can be used on a daily basis without becoming habit forming.  Stimulates secretions of the entire digestive system.

CLOVES – Increases circulation, improves digestion.  Anti-spasmodic, relieving pain by reducing cramping in muscles.  Affects nerves directly, reducing pain signals to the brain.

FENNEL SEED – Relieves gas and pains in the bowels.  Has a cooling affect on the bowels.  Lubricates the intestines and is very healing.

GINGER ROOT – Eliminates and counteracts the formation of mucus.  Taken to relieve gas and severe pains in the bowels.  Destroys parasites in the digestive system.  Increases energy of the body.  Stimulates circulation and breaks up obstructions.

OREGON GRAPE ROOT (Barberry) – Oregon grape root stimulates the secretion of bile and thus aids in digestion and blood purification.  Useful in rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, acne, and herpes.

YELLOW DOCK ROOT – Yellow Dock is an astringent blood purifier useful in treating diseases of the blood, and chronic skin ailments.  Stimulates digestion, improving the function of the stomach and liver.  Also stimulates elimination, improving flow of bile and acting as a laxative.  A nutritive tonic, high in iron.  Nourishes the spleen and liver.  Effective for the treatment of Jaundice, Lymphatic problems, and skin eruptions.

MARSHMALLOW ROOT – Powerful anti-inflammatory and an anti-irritant for joints and the gastro-intestinal tract.  High in minerals, especially easily assimilated calcium.  Used for chronic constipation.  Protective and healing in intestinal irritations.

BUTTERNUT BARK – Will expel worms from intestines. Remedy for chronic constipation.

LICORICE ROOT – Helps eliminate built up toxins.  Constipation is considered a serious problem because the retention of wastes in the body can lead to more serious diseases.  Used to protect damaged or inflamed tissues.  Stimulates the flow of saliva and thus aids in digestion.

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Here’s a short video explanation of how it works:

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