From a Mother’s Heart: Proof that God Works in Miraculous Ways

Inspirational stories from mothers parenting children with learning challenges.

IMG_2698Out of the blue, one of my patients from LA, who I have not treated in a year, came to my office at the first of July. We started talking about all that had happened with Dr. Bradstreet and his use of GcMAF in his practice. GcMAF is an immune system regulator and autism treatment tool that may turn unhealthy cells back into healthy cells.

“My dad is a pediatrician,” she said, “and has a new formulation of FDA-approved amino acids that is showing wonderful therapeutic results with both adults and children. The supplement is simply a combination of liquid-based amino acids that is given daily in a specific rotation by mouth or injection.”

I was intrigued so she set up a meeting for me to connect with him on Wednesday. He lives in San Diego, but treats in Tijuana. He is a professor at the medical school in Mexico and has spent the last 30 years in research. My husband, a chiropractor, and I looked at the product’s clinical trials and found them promising.

Coincidentally, all of my husband’s mother’s family has lived in Tijuana, immersed in the hotel industry, for 60 years. And this pediatrician happens to know them. This connection made for an immediate trust factor on both sides. After reviewing his compelling clinical trials in more detail, I asked, “Would you mind taking a look at one of my patients?”

This child is one of the most difficult I have worked with since Weston. Actually, he is more of a challenge because of his violent behavior. He constantly hits, scratches, kicks, bites, head butts and then laughs when he hurts you. For a few moments, he is calm and relaxed, but he will soon ramp himself up with rapid breathing. If you just walk up and say hi to him, he will quickly slaps you in the face and laughs. His Mom said priests won’t work with him and one even said he was possessed as a baby. Can you imagine? The family is from Puerto Rico and speaks no English. Thank God for my assistant who is from Mexico and is fluent in Spanish. This child has had every medical test run, which all came back unremarkable. From the narrowness of his head, he obviously has a neurological impairment, even though, surprisingly, the MRI was completely normal.

As I began working with him, I noticed the right side of his lower abdomen was contracting, causing the 11th and 12th rib to splay out as many as 6 times in an hour. Sometimes the contraction is so hard that both of his legs will stiffen and his big toes lock straight up in the air. He screams and cries in pain. So if he is isn’t laughing from smacking you, he is crying in pain or making this bizarre breathing, snorting noise to rile himself up. This behavior has been going on for ten years!

I worked with the child for the first time on Tuesday, although they had been working with my assistant for the past two weeks since they both speak Spanish and I do not. My schedule allowed for me to see him on Tuesday in which I immediately noticed the stomach contractions. The parents and all the medical tests pointed to gastrointestinal problems. But it was clear to me that it was coming from the brain and spine as a muscle contraction, not as a GI-related issue. I immediately had my husband come in for a second opinion and he confirmed there was an issue with the spine.

The child was here in California, undergoing Magnetic Resonance Treatment (MRT) at the Brain Treatment Center (BTC) in Newport Beach. So, I contacted the BTC to ask if they thought that running the magnet down his spine would help to try and relieve the contractions as is sometimes used to treat spinal cord injuries. BTC said they would check into it, but I never heard anything back, so I assumed this was not option for this particular child.

The next day at my meeting with the doctor, I asked him if he would mind staying to see the child who was arriving shortly. The doctor said he would be happy to take a look. When he walked in and said hello, the child kicked him in the face. This happened while two people held his limbs! The doctor responded with the greatest love I have ever seen from a physician by gently taking the child’s hand, not in restraint, but in comfort. The child looked at him straight in the face with contentment. The doctor touched his stomach and the child couldn’t resist slapping him in the face, but then began to be quiet and calm down. Upon witnessing a contraction, the doctor immediately said, “I have seen this before; this is abdominal epilepsy.”

That diagnosis made total sense considering the lab work and scans. The doctor recommended the amino acid formulation at an increased level by injection for 14 days, then to start him on a low-level anti-seizure medicine for the stomach and to continue with low-level laser therapy. The first injection was given the next day, subcutaneous to the stomach. Amazingly, the child sat completely still. He didn’t even try to hit or resist. He then asked to go up on to the massage table for laser therapy. I had not heard him request anything other than to scream the word “banjo.” It was like watching a miracle. They decided to do the amino acids for one week and if they get good results they would start the anti-seizure medicine.

Okay, so here is how God works: Many people had to connect for this to happen… The family was a patient of Dr Bradstreet. They had been Skyping with him from Puerto Rico for 6 months and were thrilled to finally meet him to do MRT in Georgia in July. When they found out he died, they had to come to California instead. The mom said they were upset at God for this happening. But now, the Mom understood that God had answered all of her prayers over the past three years for the exact treatment plan, plus God gave her a wonderful new doctor from Mexico who she could communicate with and trust greatly.
God used so many people to answer her prayer. They came to California to the Brain Treatment Center, as the referral location for MRT after the Georgia office had to close. They told the BTC about what Dr Bradstreet was planning in addition to MRT. The BTC referred them to me, knowing that I knew about the laser treatment that Dr Bradstreet had recommended. My patient introduced me to her dad, the doctor. It just so happened that the doctor was at the office an hour before this child’s appointment. He made a diagnosis of abdominal epilepsy that no doctor had explored before, which makes so much sense after reviewing the tests and MRI.

She had been praying for a specific treatment based on what she had been researching for her son. It was specifically to do injections of a natural enzyme, the right medication for his stomach and MRT with low-level laser therapy. When one door closed, God opened another one. The mom’s prayer was answered not through one doctor, but a team of many all coming together through miraculous connections, from three different countries. Also what Dr. Bradstreet, an amazing doctor who always went out on the edge for our kids, started was able to be completed full circle through the BTC in Newport Beach; Handy Wellness in Irvine, CA; a wonderful doctor in Tijuana, Mexico and a family from Puerto Rico with a healing prayer for their son.

God truly works in miraculous ways!!!

JoQueta Handy PhD, IMD, M.S.-CCC-SLP