Digestive Enzyme

 150cc_DigestiveEnzymeBlendAssists in the digestion of foods for energy and the assimilation of nutrients for overall wellness.

PROTEASE – Digests proteins (meat, beans, etc.).  Implicated in standard cellular function and plays a role in the reproductive system.  Involved in the processes of inflammation, infection, blood clotting, and blood purification.  Promotes acid balance in the stomach to help prevent ulcers.

AMYLASE – Digests carbohydrates, starches and sugars (potatoes, fruits, vegetables, breads, pasta, etc). Rests the pancreas because some of the amylase needed to digest carbohydrates comes from the pancreas.

LIPASE – Digests fats and oils (nuts, avocados, olives, etc.). Rests the gall bladder.  Promotes cardiovascular health. Assists weight control.

Cellulase – Digests fiber (fruits, vegetables, grain, etc.). Maximizes absorption of anthocyanidins, tremendous antioxidants from blue berries, grapes, and other berries.

SUCRASE – Digests sucrose (refined sugar).

MALTASE – Digests complex and simple carbohydrates (malt and grain sugars).

LACTASE – Digests lactose (milk sugar).

PANCREATIN – Aids in digestion and rests the pancreas because it is one of the digestive ferments of the pancreatic juice.

OMEGA 3 FATTY ACID -Helps reduce the possibility of cardiovascular disease.  Promotes upper and lower gastrointestinal motility while enhancing nutrient absorption.