Brilliant Learning Workshops & Certification


Handy Wellness Center, 2192 Martin Ct. #270, Irvine, CA 92612

2018 Dates:

January 22 to 26

Why get certified?

Imagine the joy and freedom a Brilliant Learning Certification would bring to you and your students!

You’ll have the unique tools and mastery to think outside the box to truly help the struggling learner achieve academic levels previously not thought of as possible.

Once word of your success gets out, the demand for you as a Brilliant Learning coach, tutor or teacher in homes, learning centers and doctor’s offices across the country will increase. Your well-earned listing on the Brilliant Learning website could open a fulfilling new world for yourself and your students.

Take the first step to a brilliant future: register today.

What will I learn?

In this hands-on certification course, Dr. Handy will personally guide you on how to help any child absorb information in a way that is tailored for his/her unique interests and learning style with techniques that are easy to learn and use.

 These exercises can be used with:

-students aged three and above

-students with learning challenges from mild to severe

-any curriculum

-any general subject including math, reading, spelling, reading comprehension or writing

-any specialized subject including chemistry, geography or foreign languages.

 Each level builds upon the last. Progressively, you will:

-Get a solid foundation with innovative tools and techniques

-Develop those new skills to fit any curriculum or lesson

-Master these tools to be able to work with any academic challenge encountered.

 You will also gain valuable insights into how nutrition and brain chemistry affect academic potential and discover specific steps to optimize health.

 Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how Dr. Handy’s cutting-edge strategies can uncover your student’s true brilliance by securing your spot today.

 Together we can revolutionize the current educational system!

 The events are in California, but for those of you unable to attend in person, we have opportunities for Skype or webinar participation.

Call Karen at 949-252-1228 for more information.

 Brilliant Learning Parent Home School 5-Day Workshop, Child Evaluation and Monthly Support

 January 22 to 26, 2018

2192 Martin, Suite 270, Irvine CA 92612

$1,500 for the 5-day parent workshop only

$1,625 for the 5-day child evaluation only

Combined package $3,125

Ongoing Monthly Support, $75 per month

Parents who are certified in BLM can use the Brilliant Learning name and method for teaching one or more children. Weekly updates and videos will be provided to help you continue to grow with your student(s) just as if you were at the Brilliant Learning school. You will be able to speak directly to Dr. Handy in a designated call time once a week or through direct email. You can also submit videos to have questions answered. It’s an excellent resource for those who wish to start their own school and receive continued support and resources to fine tune their techniques.

Brilliant Learning Camps

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Join us in Irvine, CA for a child evaluation and week long parent workshop to provide a detailed game plan for you to follow with your child. To support your child’s growth throughout the year, you’ll have access to a private online community through where you will receive weekly game plans, daily motivation, weekly question and answer, community chat room and more.

In addition to year round school, The Institute for Brilliant Learning provides opportunities for learning and growing to families at three different times during the year, including a one-week Winter Camp, two-week Spring Camp and a four-week Summer Camp. All three camps offer different opportunities for child evaluations, hands-on learning and parent training/workshops.

The one-week Winter Camp provides a week-long certification class for parents with training in all three levels of the Brilliant Learning Methodology (30-hour course). The child can participate in the Brilliant Learning School during this time for six hours a day. The child will be evaluated for learning style and best learning strategies. The parent will receive an educational plan with curriculum and strategies to use in school and at home.

The two-week Spring Camp provides the same format, but the child has an extra week in the classroom to be able to try out learning strategies and for you to see progress toward change in learning.

The four-week Summer Camp gives an extra week of hands-on learning. It’s in this last, magical week when parents have reported significant improvements in learning, speech and cognition.

Click to sign up:

Winter Parent Workshop (5-day parent workshop only, January) $1,500

Winter Child Evaluation (5-day child evaluation only, January) $1,625

Winter Parent Workshop and Child Evaluation (Combined package, January) $3,125