From a Mother’s Heart: What can I do to help my child move from speaking in short phrases to sentences?

Let’s first look at the cause in order to figure out what to do. Why does this occur? Multiple reasons can be involved…


If the child has apraxia or reduced articulation, the energy cost for producing longer words and phrases is greater. So the child may be able to give more information, but chooses not to because of the overall energy cost. In this case, I would honor the shorten sentences or phrases as being acceptable until articulation is improved through the methods below.


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From a Mother’s Heart: Autism Is Just A Label

Inspirational stories from mothers parenting children with learning challenges.

IMG_2087You are wonderful!
You are powerful!
You are loved!
You are complete!
You are free to be who you really are!
You are not autism!
You are not cerebral palsy!
You are not Down syndrome!
You are not ADHD!

Autism, like every other diagnosis, is just a label.  It is not who your child is as a human being.  However parents, teachers, doctors and the child himself often identifies with the label as being “who” they are. You are not Down syndrome.

As adults we don’t even realize we are doing it, but constantly in conversations, we say, “My child is autistic.”  Then the child grows up going to multiple doctor’s appointments, specialists and therapists.  They grow up thinking, ‘I have to do this because I am broken.’

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From a Mother’s Heart: There’s Always a Solution

Inspirational stories from mothers parenting children with learning challenges.

about_joquetaAs a mom, I am constantly telling my children: there is always a solution to every problem.  I truly believe this mainly because I have lived it first hand.

Life is not easy for anyone.  We all have our struggles. However, in one of my hardest and darkest times in my life and my children’s life, I learned that there is a solution to every problem.  Many times our attitude and perspective on the situation is the greatest contributor leading to the solution.

It was 2006; I was married to my high school sweetheart of 15 years.  I had known him for half of my life.  We had three children ages 11, 9 and 5.  He was a Hollywood publicist and songwriter/performer.  We had recently moved from Orange County to Los Angeles to a beautiful home in the Shadow Hills area of Los Angeles. Life seemed perfect, at least on the outside.

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From a Mother’s Heart: Proof that God Works in Miraculous Ways

Inspirational stories from mothers parenting children with learning challenges.

IMG_2698Out of the blue, one of my patients from LA, who I have not treated in a year, came to my office at the first of July. We started talking about all that had happened with Dr. Bradstreet and his use of GcMAF in his practice. GcMAF is an immune system regulator and autism treatment tool that may turn unhealthy cells back into healthy cells.

“My dad is a pediatrician,” she said, “and has a new formulation of FDA-approved amino acids that is showing wonderful therapeutic results with both adults and children. The supplement is simply a combination of liquid-based amino acids that is given daily in a specific rotation by mouth or injection.”

I was intrigued so she set up a meeting for me to connect with him on Wednesday. He lives in San Diego, but treats in Tijuana. He is a professor at the medical school in Mexico and has spent the last 30 years in research. My husband, a chiropractor, and I looked at the product’s clinical trials and found them promising.

Coincidentally, all of my husband’s mother’s family has lived in Tijuana, immersed in the hotel industry, for 60 years. And this pediatrician happens to know them. This connection made for an immediate trust factor on both sides. After reviewing his compelling clinical trials in more detail, I asked, “Would you mind taking a look at one of my patients?”

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From a Mother’s Heart: My Son Stopped Speaking

Inspirational stories from mothers parenting children with learning challenges.

The Voice

There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long.
“I feel that this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong.”
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend,
Or wise man can decide
What’s right for you — just listen to
The voice that speaks inside.

–Shel Silverstein

My life changed when, one month before my son’s third birthday, he began to lose all verbal and comprehension skills. By the end of the month, he could no longer talk in complete sentences, communicate his wants/needs and seemingly preferred not to talk at all. He could barely comprehend what was being asked of him, which was a 180 degree turn from just three weeks prior when he was reading simple books, laughing smiling and pointing at pictures. Now, he just screamed, had tantrums or was completely silent.

I had lost my little boy with all his hopes and promises. I was deathly afraid and knew my life would never be the same. Six months later it was confirmed: SEVERE AUTISM.

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From A Mother’s Heart: Worrying Changes Nothing?

Inspirational stories from mothers parenting children with learning challenges.

Boy sensory ball2Everyone will tell you that you can’t change anything by worrying.

I beg to differ.

Mothers who worry will work over a problem until they come up with a path of action that eases their anxiety. I have worried about all four of my children at different times. Ultimately it has helped me. Two of my children have faced far greater challenges than I would have wished for them, but how they responded to these challenges has defined them.

All my children were excessively active and easily bored, so at first I only worried that Christian was almost three years old and still not talking very much. My pediatrician said that it might be because he was the youngest of four and his older siblings were anticipating and interpreting for him so he didn’t need much language and so had not bothered to learn.

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saunaOur Kids Don’t Sweat

Parents, do your kids sweat?

The one way to naturally eliminate toxins from our body is to sweat.  Most children with Autism don’t move enough throughout the day to get their cardiovascular rate up high enough to open the lymph system to naturally detox the body.

We need our kids to sweat to eliminate heavy metals, bacteria, fungus, viruses and just to keep the lymph system open and active.

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AutismOne Conference 2015

Did you miss me at AutismOne last week?  Here is a video of my presentation!

cliparti1_talking-clipart_07Talk-Back System

It is important for parents and teachers to model how to “talk-back.” In Psychology Today magazine, May/June 2015, the cover article was on using Your Inner Voice: How to Talk to Yourself and Why it Matters. The researchers found that inner talk is one of the most effective, least-utilized tools available to master the psyche and foster life success. They also found that when we talk back to ourselves it decreases rumination.   So children who do things impulsively, especially in answering questions, need to learn to talk back to themselves more frequently.

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Glass List Reduces Impulsiveness When Reading

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The number one thing the GLASS list does for children learning to read or struggling with reading is to reduce impulsiveness. GLASS list reduces impulsive guessing. It allows the child to start with the part of the word they know.

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