IMG_2228Brilliant Learning:
Children’s Opportunity for Brilliance
The COB Model

Children have shown a 70% improvement after sixteen hours of one-on-one instruction using the COB Model.

Unlike traditional education that focuses on the child’s weakness, JoQueta Handy’s model identifies each child’s strengths and builds a supportive learning system from there. She helps you discover how each child learns and how to personalize and maximize his potential in any learning environment.

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Foster the ability to attend and absorb new information.

Combining her background as a physician and therapist, she takes a holistic approach to learning — considering the whole child. In this way she teaches you how to utilize all the tools available including optimizing diet and balancing brain chemistry as well as innovative educational strategies designed to maximize each child’s academic potential.

This website is set up so you can quickly access the easy-to-use lessons in any area of curriculum, learn the exercise and be able to immediately implement it at home, in the classroom or any learning environment.

Additionally, you can become certified as a COB provider to work with children in schools as well as on an independent level in private practice or through private tutoring.  We even give you the steps to build your own learning center in your home, office or private practice.

Together we can revolutionize the education system for the benefit of children everywhere.

JoQueta Handy

JoQ girl smilingJoQueta Handy PhD, CCC-SLP, is an Integrative Medicine Doctor with a doctorate in Quantum Medicine and  a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist with 21 years of experience.

She is the founder and president of  Children’s Opportunity for Brilliance International. COB’s mission is to educate, empower and support children, parents, families and educators whose lives are impacted by autism spectrum disorders and other learning challenges.

Through COB and her work in the community, JoQueta demonstrates her passion for implementing an educational solution for children with learning disabilities. Her goal in working with parents and teachers is to create change in the current special education process in public schools and home-based education systems.  JoQueta Handy’s additional career as a Naturopath has given her a unique perspective on how to help children with learning challenges. She sees their gifts and their capacity to prosper if given the opportunity. She worked first-hand with teachers and other professionals in the classroom across the United States to develop a system that works for all children no matter the level of learning challenge.

She currently resides in Orange County, California, with her husband and five children.